Carp fishing

Description : La Carpe peut dépasser 1m de long et peser plus de 30 kg (record : 37kg). Comparée aux autres Cyprinidés la Carpe a une nageoire dorsale relativement longue. Celle-ci compte de 17 à 22 rayons mous. Le premier rayon est épais et dentelé, il forme la « scie dorsale ». […]

Découvrez le monde de la Carpe, technique, infos…

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Ezra has been working very hard over the last year to learn how to fly fish for carp. He has had some ups and downs and some frustrating moments but he has stayed with it and it has all come to this moment…carp fishing on the fly We set a […]

Carp Fishing- Blackstone Carp Presents : Ezra’s Carp on the ...

Had a few hours before the rain came and thought since my original plan went south I’d at least get some time on the water carp fishing. I headed over to the farm to see if I could pull some carp to the surface on this humid hot day, and […]

Carp Fishing – Blackstone Carp Presents: A Short Fly Session

A collection of carp fishing footage through late spring. Ezra, Nate and Dean made it out to the banks to land some great mirror carp and common carp. All filmed on our HD Gopro Camera Music: Skullbeatz with Burn Beat F Eternal XIII with Not all days are Good both […]

Carp Fishing – Blackstone Carp Presents : Spring Compilation

Well I haven’t put together a video in a bit. I have been doing some fishing here and there but have not gotten round to actually filming much. As the new year came about I figured I would at least focus on getting enough footage to make a short, fun […]

January 2012

Right, let me start off by saying…I almost didn’t have it in me to hit the banks today. I had a couple of good sessions last week and weekend, but the early part of this week I’ve felt a bit out of it and not all together on par. However […]

Blackstone Carp Fishing Presents: Calm Before the storm