Carp Fishing – Blackstone Carp Presents : Spring Compilation 13

A collection of carp fishing footage through late spring. Ezra, Nate and Dean made it out to the banks to land some great mirror carp and common carp. All filmed on our HD Gopro Camera Music: Skullbeatz with Burn Beat F Eternal XIII with Not all days are Good both used under the creative commons license, found on « Blackstone Carp » Presents Massachusetts Angler Rhode Island River Fishing American pond « Mirror carp » lake « Common carp » DAT Food Boilies particle mix « how to fish » boilie « pop up » bait braid coat blackstonecarp newgrounds « hd gopro camera » « underwater video » « fishing blog » outdoor sports funny entertaining awesome « carp fishing » « big carp » Karp karpe peche carpe carpa karpfen « hair rig » « carp rig » cinematography « catch fish » « how to catch carp »

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13 commentaires sur “Carp Fishing – Blackstone Carp Presents : Spring Compilation

  • kingfisher4522

    WOW!!!!!!!! what a video!! Soooo different to the this is what i caught videos on here. Loved it Blackstone even if it was a long time coming!!! Missing you on the BOTLN forum too. That camera is awesome, the underwater stuff is great and I loved that fully scaled mirror. Stunning fish every one of them.

  • BlackstoneCarp

    Thanks bud! I know it took a bit, I gets lazy a lot 😛 . Shame you live so far away heh..would love to get you in a video 🙂 . Yes, I do need to spend some more time with BOTLN, I’ve not been on in a bit . I will work on changing that soon. I do love the camera as well…I am one step away from strapping it to my head and taking a swim!

  • BlackstoneCarp

    Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my voice I’ve just been lazy. This camera has 2 cases, one water proof one not. The water proof case has basically no sound however. So..well long story short I’ve been too lazy to switch back and forth or to narrate them. I’ll do a few « proper » blogs for ya sometime soon 😛

  • korven7

    Sounds great! And the case that is water proof makes everything round right? What about some bass fishing? That would be cool. We don’t have bass in Sweden. But your carpfishing vids. are top quality!

  • BlackstoneCarp

    There is no « best spot » really..the whole river holds some amazing fish and hitting a spot anywhere along it with decent structure and water depths etc can pay off.